Cisco AS54XM-8T1-192-V

AS5400XM Voice; 8T1, 216 DSPs, AC RPS, IP+

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Voice Gateways
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What's Included
AS5400XM w/
512MB DRAM (1x MEM-512M-AS5XM)
128MB Flash (1x MEM-128CF-AS5XM)
(1) AS54-DFC-8CT1
(2) AS5XM-VUFC-108NP
(2) AC Power Cord
(1) Rackmount Kit (AS5400RM-19)

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The Cisco AS54XM-8T1-192-V is a high-density voice and data gateway designed for service providers and large enterprises. It is part of the Cisco AS5000 Series of universal gateways and is specifically designed for T1/E1 environments. The AS54XM-8T1-192-V supports up to 192 T1 or E1 interfaces, making it suitable for high-capacity voice and data applications. It offers a range of features including voice and fax services, data services, and integrated routing capabilities. Some key features of the Cisco AS54XM-8T1-192-V include: 1. High-density T1/E1 interfaces: It supports up to 192 T1 or E1 interfaces, allowing for a large number of simultaneous voice and data connections. 2. Voice and fax services: The gateway supports various voice and fax protocols, including analog and digital voice, fax relay, and voice compression algorithms. 3. Data services: It provides data services such as Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC, and X.25, allowing for the integration of voice and data traffic over the same network. 4. Integrated routing capabilities: The AS54XM-8T1-192-V can perform routing functions, allowing for the integration of voice and data traffic into existing IP networks. 5. Scalability and flexibility: The gateway is highly scalable and can be easily expanded to accommodate growing voice and data traffic requirements. Overall, the Cisco AS54XM-8T1-192-V is a versatile and high-capacity gateway that enables service providers and large enterprises to efficiently manage voice and data traffic in T1/E1 environments.

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