Tips for Buying Pre-Owned Equipment

If you have never purchased used networking hardware before, it may seem intimidating at first. Most online auction sites provide no protection and the sellers offer no guarantees. Counterfeit goods, dead-on-arrival (DOA) items that are sold "as is" and other scams are just some of the things to worry about. Partnering up with the right vendor can help you resolve these issues and maximize your budget. Here are some things to look for:

Do their products carry a solid warranty?

Carefully review warranty information. If a company does not provide a lengthy warranty with their hardware, it is usually a sign that they do not have confidence in its quality. Look for a vendor that stands behind their quality assurance. Significant warranty coverage will provide you with peace of mind and provide a solution should there be a malfunction in your network. Promises of quality without a warranty should immediately raise a red flag.

Does their networking hardware undergo rigorous testing and inspection?

Used hardware has a very low failure rate. If properly tested and professionally shipped, it should be fully functional out of the box. Make sure that your vendor has the equipment to fully test what they are selling to you. Another common issue has to do with physical inspection. Even if an item tests good, it does not mean it is satisfactory, though many vendors will assume so. Equipment can be missing tiny chips and other important parts due to poor handling. The item might be functional at the time but may become defective or burn out on a user. Choose a vendor who has a thorough testing process, proper magnifiers for inspection, and an attention to detail.

How does GlobalNet Pro obtain equipment?

We purchase surplus equipment from companies whom are constantly upgrading and/or downsizing. We are also part of a large exclusive reseller network.

Beware of prices that may be too cheap.

If a price seems too good to be true, please use caution. There is a good chance that a vendor who is offering prices below fair market value is engaging in questionable practices. Counterfeit products are abundant and require an experienced technician to spot. Unlawfully obtained equipment is recorded by serial number and will be tracked down. The purchase of quality authentic equipment from a reliable source is your best bet.

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