Cisco AS54-4E1-120-AC-V

AS5400 Voice; 4E1, 120 ports, dual AC, IP+

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Voice Gateways
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What's Included
AS5400-AC w/
256MB DRAM (1x MEM-256M-AS54)
64MB Shared I/O DRAM (1x MEM-64S-AS54)
32MB Flash (1x MEM-32F-AS54)
8MB Bootflash (1x MEM-8BF-AS54)
(1) AS54-DFC-4CE1
(2) AS54-DFC-60NP
(1) AS54-AC-RPS
(2) AC Power Cord
(1) Rackmount Kit (AS5400RM-19)

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The Cisco AS54-4E1-120-AC-V is a network access server (NAS) device manufactured by Cisco Systems. It is part of the Cisco AS5000 series, which is designed for high-density dial-up and digital subscriber line (DSL) aggregation. The AS54-4E1-120-AC-V specifically supports up to 120 simultaneous E1 (European standard for digital transmission) connections and is powered by an AC power source. It provides a platform for connecting remote users or branch offices to a network, offering features such as authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), as well as various routing and switching capabilities. Overall, the Cisco AS54-4E1-120-AC-V is a versatile network access server that enables efficient and secure connectivity for large-scale dial-up or DSL deployments.

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