Cisco AS54-2E1-60-AC-V

AS5400 Voice; 2E1, 60 ports, dual AC, IP+

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Voice Gateways
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What's Included
AS5400-AC w/
256MB DRAM (1x MEM-256M-AS54)
64MB Shared I/O DRAM (1x MEM-64S-AS54)
32MB Flash (1x MEM-32F-AS54)
8MB Bootflash (1x MEM-8BF-AS54)
(1) AS54-DFC-2CE1
(1) AS54-DFC-60NP
(1) AS54-AC-RPS
(2) AC Power Cord
(1) Rackmount Kit (AS5400RM-19)

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The Cisco AS54-2E1-60-AC-V is a network access server (NAS) device manufactured by Cisco Systems. It is designed to provide high-density digital access connectivity for remote access, dial-up, and broadband aggregation services. The "AS54" in the model number refers to the AS5000 series, which is a family of NAS devices. The "2E1" indicates that it supports two E1 (European standard) or T1 (North American standard) digital interfaces for connectivity. The "60" represents the maximum number of simultaneous connections it can handle. The "AC" signifies that it is powered by AC (alternating current) power source, and the "V" indicates that it is a rack-mountable device. Overall, the Cisco AS54-2E1-60-AC-V is a versatile NAS device that enables service providers to offer various digital access services to their customers.

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