Cisco AS535XM-16T1-V-LC

AS5350XM Voice G.711 w/ 16T1, 6 AS5X-PVDM2-64, IP+

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Voice Gateways
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What's Included
AS5350XM w/
512MB DRAM (1x MEM-512M-AS5XM)
128MB Flash (1x MEM-128CF-AS5XM)
(2) AS535-DFC-8CT1
(1) AS5X-FC
(6) AS5X-PVDM2-64
(1) AS535XM-AC-PWR
(1) AC Power Cord
(1) Rackmount Kit (AS5350RM-19)

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The Cisco AS535XM-16T1-V-LC is a high-density voice and data gateway designed for service providers and large enterprises. It is part of the Cisco AS5000 Series Universal Gateways and offers a range of features and capabilities for voice and data integration. Key features of the Cisco AS535XM-16T1-V-LC include: 1. High-density T1/E1 connectivity: It supports up to 16 T1 or E1 interfaces, allowing for a large number of voice and data connections. 2. Voice and data integration: The gateway supports both voice and data traffic, enabling seamless integration of telephony services with data networks. 3. Scalability: It offers high scalability, allowing for the expansion of voice and data services as the network requirements grow. 4. Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities: The AS535XM-16T1-V-LC supports VoIP protocols, enabling the transmission of voice traffic over IP networks. 5. Advanced voice features: It provides various voice features such as voice compression, echo cancellation, and voice quality monitoring to ensure high-quality voice communication. 6. Redundancy and high availability: The gateway supports redundant power supplies and hot-swappable modules, ensuring high availability and minimizing downtime. 7. Flexible configuration options: It offers multiple configuration options, allowing for customization based on specific network requirements. Overall, the Cisco AS535XM-16T1-V-LC is a versatile gateway that combines voice and data capabilities, making it suitable for service providers and large enterprises looking to integrate voice services into their networks.

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