Cisco AS535-DFC-2CE1

AS5350 Dual E1/PRI DFC card

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The Cisco AS535-DFC-2CE1 is a high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) module designed for the Cisco AS5350 and AS5400 series universal gateways. It provides enhanced voice and fax processing capabilities for these platforms, allowing them to handle a large number of concurrent voice calls and fax transmissions. The AS535-DFC-2CE1 module supports up to 120 digital voice channels or 60 fax channels, depending on the configuration. It is equipped with two CE1/PRI interfaces, which are commonly used for connecting to digital telephony networks such as T1 or E1 lines. By offloading the voice and fax processing tasks to the DSP module, the AS535-DFC-2CE1 helps to free up the main processor of the gateway, allowing it to focus on other critical functions. This improves the overall performance and scalability of the gateway, making it suitable for large-scale voice and fax applications. Overall, the Cisco AS535-DFC-2CE1 is a crucial component for expanding the voice and fax capabilities of Cisco AS5350 and AS5400 series gateways, enabling them to handle high volumes of voice traffic efficiently.

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