Cisco NM-1T3/E3

One port T3/E3 network module

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The Cisco T3/E3 Network Module provides high-speed WAN access for the Cisco 2600, 3600, and 3700 series routers. T3/E3 WAN access enables the network to carry high volumes of data and rich multimedia content, while providing low latency for voice over IP (VoIP).


10% to 90% Non-condensing Relative Humidity
  • TCP/IP
  • VoIP
  • HDLC
  • Frame Relay
  • PPP
1.6" Height x 7.1" Width x 7.2" Depth
  • 32°F (0°C) to 104°F (40°C) Operating
  • -4°F (-20°C) to 149°F (65°C) Storage
Product Name
Switching Module
Product Type
Switching Module
  • 3745 - 12.2(11)YT
  • 3725 - 12.2(11)YT
  • 3660 series - 12.2(11)YT
  • 3640 - Not Available
  • 3620 - Not Available
  • 2691 - 12.2(11)YT
  • 2650 - Not Available
  • 2600XM Series - 12.2(11)YT
  • 2600 series - Not Available
  • 1720 - Not Available
  • 1600 series - Not Available
Shipping Weight
0.5 lb
1 x T3/E3 WAN
Switching Network
Status Indicators
  • CD
  • LP
  • AIS
  • FERF
  • EN
  • Alarm
Connectivity Media
75-ohm Coaxial T3/E3
Data Transfer Rate
  • 44.74 Mbps T3 Half/Full-duplex
  • 34.37 Mbps E3 Half/Full-duplex
Interfaces Details
1 x BNC Female T3/E3 Network Full-duplex WAN
Shipping Dimensions
3.0" Height x 10.25" Width x 16.0" Depth
System Requirements
  • Single-wide network module, no slot restrictions Minimum Cisco IOS Software Requirements:
  • Cisco IOS Software Version 12.2(11)YT
Simplified management
  • Eliminates the need for two separate monitoring tools
Additional Information
  • DSX3 level interface with dual female 75-ohm BNC coaxial connectors per port (separate RX and TX)
  • Scrambling and subrate support of major DSU vendors
  • Line build-out - Programmable for up to 450 feet of 734A or equivalent coaxial cable or up to 225 feet for 728A or equivalent coaxial cable
  • C-bit, or M23 framing for T3, bypass and G.751 framing for E3 (software selectable)
  • Binary 3-zero substitution (B3ZS) (T3) or high-density bipolar with three zeros (HDB3) (E3) line coding
  • Support for 16- and 32-bit CRC (16-bit default)
  • DS3 FEAC channel support
  • Twenty-four-hour history maintained for error statistics and failure counts
  • DS3 alarm and event detection (once per second polling)
  • Alarm indication signal (AIS)
  • Out of frame (OOF)
  • Line code violation (LCV)
  • Excessive zeros (EXZ)
  • Far-end receive failure (FERF)
  • Line and payload loopback capabilities
  • DS3 remote-line loopback (via Far End Alarm and Control [FEAC] codes per American National Standards Institute [ANSI] T1.107a)
  • Response to embedded loopback commands
  • Insertion of loopback commands into transmitted signal
  • Programmable pseudorandom pattern up to 32 bits long, including 223, 220, 215, 1s, 0s, alt-0-1
  • 32-bit error count and bit-count registers
  • Alarm detection - Alarm indication signal (AIS), remote alarm, far-end block error (FEBE), out of frame (OOF)
  • Onboard processor for Maintenance Data Link (MDL)
  • Physical space savings - Eliminates the need for external DSU device, saving valuable rack space
  • Software-configurable T3/E3 - Provides the flexibility to deploy a single module worldwide Serial Encapsulations:
  • HDLC
  • PPP
  • Frame Relay
  • ATM Data Exchange Interface (ATM-DXI)
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